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Gelpac ranked 125th by Les Affaires

The Les Affaires newspaper annually ranks Quebec’s 300 largest non-publicly traded small and medium-sized enterprises with under 300 employees. This year saw Gelpac, with 175 employees, in the 125th position on this prestigious list.

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This excellent showing comes as no surprise. Gelpac has grown significantly since its founding in 1956, particularly in recent years. The acquisition of highly specialized equipment by Gelpac’s paper packaging solutions division has been instrumental in driving growth, as has the performance of Gelpac Distribution, a thriving division dedicated to “bulk bags” for the food, construction, mining, and chemical industries, and packaging solutions.

As a leading player in its field, Gelpac records 60% of its sales in Canada, with the remaining 40% in the United States. The company serves over 1,000 clients all over North America with three production facilities totaling 300,000 square feet.