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You’re looking for a supplier that delivers more than just bulk bags—you want real solutions that will integrate seamlessly into your activities and work with your equipment. At Gelpac, we understand your products and your needs so we can meet all your requirements. From fabricating to your specs to delivering to the user…we offer the right bags and the right machinery.


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Our big bags

They’re sturdy, safe, and guaranteed, and they conform to material handling norms in the food, chemical, mining, and construction sectors. Ideal for even the heaviest or most fragile materials. At Gelpac, we handle everything:

fibc bag
  • 1

    Prototype design, fabrication, and validation

    is handled by our own engineers and chemists, working right in our own laboratories.

  • 2

    Next the most demanding independent laboratories

    test our bags for physical strength, drop and tear resistance, load validation, UV degradation, and more, before signing off on the quality and safety of our product.

  • 3

    Testing is carried out

    within your own supply chain (filling, handling, shipping), all the way to the end user.

  • 4

    Quality is monitored

    throughout the manufacturing process.

  • 5

    We also store bags produced for our customers

    at no charge in our own facilities, and provide just-in-time delivery from our extensive network of warehouses located throughout North America.

  • 6

    Deliveries occur on schedule and as quoted

    and make use of a traceability system.

  • 7

    We also keep a large inventory of bags

    on hand to fill rush orders.

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Bag styles

Our packaging products

GELPAC DISTRIBUTION carries reliable, high-performance equipment to optimize your operations without sacrificing safety.


    jumbo bags

    Special tools for applying protective shrink-wrap like low-density polyethylene, which contracts when exposed to heat.

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    jumbo bags

    Extra-wide shrink film, designed especially for wrapping oversized items or large equipment.

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    jumbo bags

    Large-size liners can be used inside shipping containers to hold and transport free-flowing bulk materials.

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    jumbo bags

    Stretch hoods that cover, contain, protect, and stabilize palletized cargo during shipping.

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    jumbo bags

    Machinery for palletizing, unwrapping, and conveying or handling materials, as well as shrink-wrap machines and stretch hood machines.

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    jumbo bags

    Bags made with super sturdy woven polypropylene last up to 3 times longer than other bags designed for the same purpose.

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    jumbo bags

    Separator sheets with an extremely high coefficient of friction considerably reduce the risk that palletized merchandise might fall.

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    jumbo bags

    A full line of high-performance automated and semi-automated machinery for packaging and palletizing product using plastic stretch film.

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    jumbo bags

    Whether you are packaging manually or using machine film, stretch film will keep your shipments safe while protecting product against humidity, dirt, and abrasion.

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  • Custom labels

    jumbo bags

    Blank labels for every need and every type of labeling equipment to match your specs for size, material, and glue.

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  • Perforated stretch film

    jumbo bags

    Designed for all packaging equipment, perforated stretch film can be stretched up to 200% and protects goods from condensation and mold.

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    jumbo bags

    Shurtape offers one of the most complete lines of adhesive tapes in the industry. These industrial-caliber tapes are known for their reliability, durability, and versatility. Professional tapes for professional jobs.

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